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Western New York

With over 20,000 Western New Yorkers of Ukrainian descent, Buffalo, NY, and the surrounding communities have a wide range of well-established organizations.

Our region has organizations that are active on a grassroots level in the community as well as the national and international arenas. Stop by the Ukrainian Civic Center in Buffalo, NY to make new friends or contact the Dnipro Cultural Center to host an event. 

There are also many opportunities for local Ukrainian youth including Ukrainian School, Mriya Women’s Choir and the Ukrainian American Youth Association.

UAFF Aid Recipients in Ukraine


Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation

Founded in 1970 and receiving 501(c)3 status in 1972, the Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation (UAFF) has provided, since its inception, support for Ukraine in its efforts to become and remain a democratic sovereign nation. Learn More



Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center

The Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center is home to multiple local and international Ukrainian organizations including the Ukrainian Federal Credit Union, the Women’s Choir “Mriya”, Ukrainians of Buffalo, and the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America.

Ukrainian Family at Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center
Ukrainian celebrating at the Ukrainian American Civic Center


Ukrainian-American Civic Center

The Ukrainian-American Civic Center, also known as the “Narodnij Dim,” Buffalo’s Oldest Ukrainian American community center established at the turn of the 20th century. The current building located at 205 Military Rd. Buffalo, NY was built in 1914 to serve the needs of the growing Eastern European immigrants centered around the Black Rock neighborhood. Learn More

Ukrainian American Youth Association

The Ukrainian American Youth Association in Buffalo, NY  (UAYA or “CYM” in Ukrainian) is an international organization that is dedicated to raising nationally conscious Ukrainian youth, who are also good Christians and citizens wherever they may be. Learn more about CYM.


UCCA Buffalo Youth Programing
Plast Kids Playing


Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization

Plast is a Ukrainian scout organization. The purpose of Plast is to promote comprehensive, patriotic education and self-education of Ukrainian youth. Plast educates young people as conscious, responsible, and full-fledged citizens of the local, national, and global community leaders of society. Learn more about Plast in Buffalo, NY.